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Made with the highest quality naturals and supportive aroma chemicals. Comes in a heavy bottle, custom made cap and plush rigid multi purpose box.

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These fragrances are made by professionals with professionals in mind. You can wear it to work, a date, or to that vacation you've been putting off.

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"Into Me" For Men

A blue fragrance with a little spicy twist. Lime, Indian Ginger, Watermelon, Jasmine, Patchouli and many more blended to perfection.

Vulnerability Is Sexy AF

You’ve carried the weight of manhood for too long. You’re been told that you must not cry or open up for it is weakness. But your humanity can not be denied any longer. You deserve to express yourself. To be loved, understood and appreciated not only for your bold zesty demeanor or your sharp cool taste in attire. But for your brave vulnerability. There’s nothing more sexy than a man who can articulate his peaceful patchouli or musky amber thoughts. Your future is ripe with juicy promise because you’ve learned the art of expressing yourself calmly, to fulfill your needs and desires. Don't you desire a fragrance which will make you feel as good as you are?

Experience A Clean Feeling

Close your eyes, its 6am and you wake up to the sunny amber air on an island of jasmine, Sicilian lime and a hint of pepper and ginger above the earthy sandalwood. You find a falling stream of warm, cool and clean water and you take a quick rinse. You feel alive again. Like you've woken from a long somber. You finally realize your worth and pursue all that you deserve like the King you are. And every King deserves a high quality Eau De Parfum

Always Cool, Never Intimidated

You're surrounded by powerful women and you bask in the warm beauty of them. You look past any peppery retort, slightly turned on. Because what's sensual pleasure without a little zesty tension. You sit cool with your golden crown, knowing that your power is never diminished by another's. Mmasi is for the man with a quiet but rooted confidence.
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"Into Me" for Women

A soft sweet, floral fragrance. Almond, Bergamot, French Vanilla, Jasmine, Patchouli and many more blended to perfection.

Experience Divine Femininity

You were born with a feminine allure. A hypnotic charm so pure and warm that it can sooth a crying child yet invigorate an man like toasty cocoa and almonds. You finally embrace your quiet femininity because you know you’re safe like the comfort of quilted creamy cashmere. Here you don’t always have to be strong. You realize that you no longer have to apologize for being a woman so you fill the room with your aroma. You have no regret for following your intuition, for showcasing your bodily assets, for wanting more. You deserve the rich promise of pure happiness. A deliciously divine woman like you deserves a luxuriously feminine fragrance.

For The Golden Woman

Designed with classic style and elegance for a golden woman. A woman whose work and attire speaks for itself. The slanted rim and grooves is a reminder of your authenticity that makes you unique. The wave pattern represents your ability to change with the tides and pivot into greatness. This fragrance was designed with you in mind.

Your Versatility Is Your Strength

Underneath your feminine prowess, you’re nothing to play with. You rise like a majestic Phoenix leaving behind the smell of earthy cocoa and patchouli. You can be direct, steadfast and powerful. Yet you can be soft like honeyed tuberous, white jasmine and creamy vanilla. Every layer of this fragrance reveals a different layer of you.
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Expert Testimonials

"Smells natural...very inoffensive...can be worn for any occasion...I get a good 8 hours with it [on clothes]" ~ Into Me for Men

Brian Lindsay


"It drys down into this beautiful unisex fragrance...hug of freshness" ~ Into Me for Men

Patricia Jackson

"Slightly aquatic, classily inoffensive, perfect for the office... this stayed on my skin for 9 hours which is awesome for a fresh scent" ~ Into Me for Men

Mr. Scott

Mr Scott 01 Fragrance

"My favorite thing to do with this fragrance is that I get out the shower and put it on ... then I wait an hour, hour and a half and I go back and layer it on top of itself and you are golden for hours" ~ Into Me for Women


Boujee Fragrance

"If this doesn't say luxury, like what does ... It definitely smells very high quality" ~ Into Me for Women

Katherine Biffle

"Everything about this brand seems to have a lot of thought put into it ..the 5 words I came up with [to describe this fragrance] were sophistication, creamy, sparkling, cheerful, and sunshine" ~ Into Me for Women



Smell is the Strongest Form Of Memory. Give The Gift They Will Never Forget.

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NYer Fragrance Line Pre-launch

Coming Soon

The city might change but a NYer is always a NYer

NYer is a new fragrance line under MMASI LLC. The first two fragrances will be 1960 and 1970. Each fragrance is representative of the respective decade in NYC. NYer is a unisex fragrance not indicative of just a place but of a person - their attitude, character and experiences. Fundamentally, NYer fragrance represents anyone who is or wants to be strong, loyal, ambitious, and stylish. The scent profiles of these two fragrances are coming soon. As with any new product launch, a limited supply will be made. Please sign up to be the first to know about these great fragrances.