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What Does God Have to do With Confidence?

Our worth can either come from within ourselves, someone or something else. For many the source of their confidence is derived from the amount of money they have, their material possessions, their accolades or relationship status. This is the most superficial level of confidence. This type of confidence is fragile and can be easily threatened if (God forbid) their car, house, degree or partner are ever taken from them. Then there is the intrinsic level of confidence is comes from an attractive personality, character and values. People who have this level of self-worth exude confidence even in sweats, a beat up car or being single af. They give value to people wherever they go through their words and actions. People are often inspired by them and gravitate towards them. They are able to maintain long lasting relationships built on no false pretenses. But what happens when someone hits rock bottom. When they go through severe anxiety, depression or imposter syndrome. When stress or unprecedented circumstances (like the pandemic) tests their patience, sanity or character? The reality is that humans are fragile, even the strongest of us can break. What keeps some from breaking is often times faith. Faith in a higher being that we know will love us no matter what. The kind of faith that my mother, Augusta Agbasionwe, Co-Founder of MMASI fragrance, has. It took us two years to launch our first two products. Through the process, my faith was tested, even though I had the growth mindset, aptitude and work ethic to launch a business. My mother's faith was (and still is) rock solid. With my creativity and my mother's faith, we were able to make a truly unique brand for professional men and women who struggle with self-love. To experience our luxury fragrance visit mmasibrand.com and click buy now. 


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