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2 ml

High Times is a unisex niche fragrance, part of the new NYer Fragrance Line by MMASI. It's a homage to 1970s NYC. This fragrance is not a replication of the kind of fragrances which were popular in 1970s but instead our current imagination of that era. Think steel used to build the World Trade Center in 1973, the glam Diana Ross in the famous Studio 54 night club, the anti-war protests by the original hipsters in the 1970s. Although decades have passed, the intrinsic characteristics of a NYer has not changed. NYer's are sophisticated, bold and unique just like our new parfum 'High Times.' If you dare to be the same then purchase now. 


Top Notes: Rose, Frankincense, Bulgarian Lavender.

Middle Notes: Smokey Notes

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cocoa, Leather.

This is a 25% oil blend. 

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High Times Extrait - Sample

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