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About Us

MMASI (Mhm-ma-see) means "Beauty from God" or "Beauty from within." We believe that everyone's confidence is within them and wearing fine fragrances is a way to express our best selves. This is important because when we love ourselves and show up in this way, we can then truly love others. 

MMASI is a women-owned, physician-owned, family-owned and minority-owned NYC brand conceived in 2019. Our first two benchmark fragrances - Into Me Eau de Parfum - was released in February 2021 in collaboration with a world renowned manufacturing company. We pride ourselves on safety, sustainability and quality. 

Our next release and new (additional) line will be the NYer fragrance. This is a community driven fragrance line which pays homage to decades in NYC. The scents will be strong and unique just like the city it represents.